Walton-on-Thames House

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Located in Walton-on-Thames, Direct Painting Group was tasked with painting and tiling the kitchen of a newly extended house. The homeowner wanted the walls and floors to provide a neutral design background with the bespoke countertops acting as the kitchen’s focal points.

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The owner needed the works to be carried out in two-phases, and as per this request, we accommodated for this in the programme of works. The owner had already decided on the paint and tiles for the property, allowing site induction and commencement to follow shortly after our initial visit.


The completed kitchen is a stylish, modern, and seamless space that incorporates balanced design and striking elements. The granular kitchen tiles have created a uniform and grounded look, allowing the bold marble worktops to stand-out. Equally, the use of white paint has added to the contemporary appeal and flows nicely with the rest of the decor.

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