Munich Cricket Club

Munich Cricket Club entrance
Munich Cricket Club bar painted in blue


Munich Cricket Club offers a one-of-a-kind Bavarian Bar experience. Direct Painting Group was tasked with the redecoration of the Munich Cricket Club Victoria branch. The brand was keen to keep its company culture at the heart of the bar, therefore, brand colors were used throughout.

Munich Cricket Club entrance painted in blue and white
Munich Cricket Club seating area painted in blue and white
Munich Cricket Club seating area painted in blue, yellow and white
Munich Cricket Club bar view of neon sign above bar


From our initial contact, our team spent time understanding the needs wants, and aspirations for their space. We sourced samples, provided advice on colors, and helped with specifications and finishes. Once the plans were in place, we developed a convenient schedule of works for the renovations.


The transformed bar is a unique and inviting space that places brand awareness at its core. Our team carried out thorough surface preparation and meticulous application of paint in each room decorated. We also sourced and supplied a bespoke neon sign hung above the bar. Atlantic Blue paint by Dulux was used to reflect the brand colours in the establishment.

Munich Cricket Club blue neon sign

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